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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
~ 2:47 PM ~

The Perfect guy explains a lot
It's like the setting of a book or it's plot
You have to know how to read the pages
Not judge him by his looks or his wages
As cute as he may be
Looks are known to deceive
The clearness of his thoughts to you
Proves that he has been so true
His friendliness to everyone at this place
Shows in the smile on his face
His words so deep in devotion
As the center depth of an ocean
His eyes attraction as he speaks
Along with the dimples on his cheeks
His mind wind open to your freedom and rights
He doesn't let your opinions start any fights
He claims that your happiness is all that is a matter
And he doesn't only say that to be a flatter
His kisses different each and every time
Joyful and bringing a brand new rhyme
He melts your heart with sweet little things
And plans ahead all your upcoming summer flings
He wants to make sure that every moment's just right
And falls in love with you at every sight
Makes sure you know that you are his only choice
And wants to hear nothing else but your single voice
He will always have honesty and respect
And off of you his promises will reflect
Standing side by side looking in the mirror at his reflection
This guy is your object of a dream and perfection

Lil Bout Me

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
~ Marinah aka aik ;)
~ Gongshang Pri Sch
Boon Lay Sec Sch
Singapore Polytechnic (DPFM)
~ Rotoract Club (IS)
~ Taurus
~ 06 May 1988

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Notice Me

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
If I were in pain
Would you notice I don't act the same
If I cry
Would you notice me or just walk by
If I bleed
Would you start to see the life I lead
If I walked away and you turned around
Would you notice me nowhere to be found
If I were upset
Would you regret anything you said to me
I know life isn't always fair
But if I walked away would you notice me
NOT There
Would you just walk away?
With nothing to say?
Would it matter I was gone?

Your Rants

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