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Thursday, March 09, 2006
~ 4:14 PM ~
My blog alive once again..

let's see what shall i update first??

I've jz finished my exams...thankfully..no more burning of midnight oils and stuffing craps into my so worked up brain...
hmm....oh ya..i forgot one importat thing..hees...
My journey of a lyfetime begins...

Any guess??
Doubt so...

Who would ever guess..people like me going overseas for volunteer work instead of spending time shopping, lazing and crapping...

Do not underestimate me...i am so going to prove all those peeps out there that i'm capable of being independent and self-reliant..heh!

I will and i can do it..

Especially to my dearest syam...
Never would you spare a thought for me...
Never did u praise me for what i've achieved....
Never were you by my side when i need you most...
Never did you think that i'm gonna survive without my luxurious items...

Well...hahaha..i'm gonna make sure u eat back all your words..
I am not who you think i am...

To my family..i love you guys but sometimes do have some trust in me..esp my mum..
Afterall i'm 18...i have to learnt and experience hardship myself..rite?

So what am i going to achieve after 2 weeks??????
1) Realise how fortunate i am living here
2) Be more independent
3) See live differently
4) Prove to peeps out there..that MARINAH is able to live without computers what more internet, telephone, clean toilet...i am able to pull through hardships.... :D
5) Understand the value of life

What i hope the kids there would achieve??
1) To understand that education is the important thing to survive
2) Hardship is not a reason to not study well
3) AND OF COURSE! English is important in the modernised world.........well for communication i mean.

Well..there are other goals and aims but i can't really think of it now..i'll update once i get any new one...

Hopefully, i'll be able to meet all my expectations and goals for these trip....

Eleanor Roosevelt:
The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006
~ 7:04 PM ~

Todae, yuqi told me that she wanted to buy a bag at far east....and so shitty me go and suggest todae...i have no idea why....well..i was suppose to go for tuition class..(as d tutor) but had to postpone it cos of my BLOODY idea..erm..cut it out.

Everything went as plan..jz waiting for d last class to end...then, OMG...it's here!!!!
Argh!! D worst thing a gerl cud have ever expected....especially, when she's suppose to go out...Urgh!! Disappointed, thrashed.....

Haha..but dat does not stop me from going....
B4 dat...we went to check our piggy's first.

Yuqi was damn confident ar that it's filled...
Yuqi( i noe u noe we noe d amt)

And so all the way in d bus...she was being xtra nice to me...
okok....she got what she want...

Well...i did get what i want..but half-satisfied....my piggy is now half empty sia.....

Ina's expenses:
Long-sleeve shirt $38
Blackhead Treatment(I was taken in by her sweet talk---damn me *doh*) $17.60
Withdraw $20
Sub-Total: $75.60

Yuqi's Expense:
Bag $39.90
sub-total: $39.90

Total: $115.50

I'm Broke!!!!!!!

Spent more than 70 for my impulse actions!!!
Except for yuqi's bag..dat was a sincere act *winks*

i swear i wud never act impulsively ever again.... heh!

haish..okokla.can't blame..
i got what i want..

once in a while no harm rite....
ANyways...i'm treating maself....dats rite..MASELF!!


Ina sigining off

Wednesday, January 18, 2006
~ 5:55 PM ~
Another tiring day...

Woke up at 7.30, finish sch at 11.30, took a nap for 2 hrs, went for NPCC at 3.00pm, finish at 5 pm, went back hme to rest(now), have to go for tuition class at 6.30 pm...haish..hectic day...

From now onwards, my lyfe wud be full of committments and responsibilites and activities and watever u can name it...haiz....

Feeling real agitated now...luckily have my com to cheer me up.... ;)

Shitty...late for tuition class....
Haven clean up sia....

Cya at nite

Tuesday, January 17, 2006
~ 2:47 PM ~

The Perfect guy explains a lot
It's like the setting of a book or it's plot
You have to know how to read the pages
Not judge him by his looks or his wages
As cute as he may be
Looks are known to deceive
The clearness of his thoughts to you
Proves that he has been so true
His friendliness to everyone at this place
Shows in the smile on his face
His words so deep in devotion
As the center depth of an ocean
His eyes attraction as he speaks
Along with the dimples on his cheeks
His mind wind open to your freedom and rights
He doesn't let your opinions start any fights
He claims that your happiness is all that is a matter
And he doesn't only say that to be a flatter
His kisses different each and every time
Joyful and bringing a brand new rhyme
He melts your heart with sweet little things
And plans ahead all your upcoming summer flings
He wants to make sure that every moment's just right
And falls in love with you at every sight
Makes sure you know that you are his only choice
And wants to hear nothing else but your single voice
He will always have honesty and respect
And off of you his promises will reflect
Standing side by side looking in the mirror at his reflection
This guy is your object of a dream and perfection

~ 1:39 PM ~

Guess who's back from the underneath...
It's me...Marinah...dun tell me you forget bout me liao...
Okok...cut d crap..

Decided to blog again after my frens keep asking me d same qns "u neva update one ar"
Well...here to all who's been pondering with that questions....
I have absolute no time to blog nowadays and actually i have nothing to share...
Lyfe has been VERY dull and boring..or is it me??? Erm...maybe.. :)

Enuf of d unwanted stuff...

Back to reality!!!

Sometimes there would be a time where we feel that we wanna be close to that someone but we just dunno how to..this is what has been happening to my friends..d BOMBERS!!

i do admit or shall i say i do BELIEVE that some people out there is calling us Anti-Social gang..or whatever they might relate to la....
But d thing is...we're not....in fact..we are a bunch of doofers....we act to our hearts content...
lyke farting, shitting which some people might think is disgusting or a uncivilised barbaric act...but we say it openly...
err...wait2...let me correct that part..we say to one another (only to d bombers openly)....

Back to the anti-social thing...the truth is...we wanna make frens with all...in in fact we dun wan any barriers btwn any of us....d bombers and the rest of d mates...we wan peace and harmony...but is jus dat sometimes its hard for us to open a topic with them and sit down and chat for 1/2 hr or so...

But of course..we'll try to talk to them...afterall..we're friends rite...

So..to all those peeps out there....
d bombers will try to be more open to conversation...(actually we are already open)
I just wish that there will be no more social barrier btwn all of us (fwens)...

", PeACe OuT!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005
~ 11:17 PM ~
Woke up at 7.30 am..class starts at 8.00 am..i'm doom once again...
30 mins to lesson...how am i gonna reach class on time...haiz

End up..me n MS izy skip lesson..lyke normal...
Haiz..what's happening to d two of us...
Had resolution for d new term..but guess we've yet to live up to it..hehe...


D worst thing dat i could have ever done it making him cry...

Sat beside him ranting..tears rolling down his eyes.....
Shit!! What have i done..i made HIM cry....Bad Gerl!!!

He was so stressed up bout me..i have no fucking idea y...

But i neva could have imagine..he..my guy..stone-hearted cried bcos of me...bcos he love me...n he wants me to change..BCOS HE'S STRESSED UP...bout wat??? BOUT ME!!!

Sorry sayang....dint mean to make u cry...dint mean to make u unhappy...but lyke u..i jz luv u too much dat sometimes i feel ur gonna leave me..n i have to do someting bout it first..

But hey..it was quite touching though seeing him cry silently...i did cry too...instead of jz let me weep, he wiped my tears and let his flow down...isn't dat so sweet of him..

Niwae jz now, went to Changi Beach...Kena caught by the park board...pitch tent w/t permit..hehe...but how were we suppose to noe dat we nd one...

N so...we had to move spot...but b4 we moved spot...dats where all the arguments and cryings began....

Haiz...love is jz too complicated.

Sometimes we are jz too selfish..we want our partners to be what we want them to be n we dun even gif a damn bout their feelings....

well...i do admit that i demand too much from him...

Ok...fine..i'm selfish, ignorant, childish brat!!!

But since u love me...u've got to accept my flaws lyke how i've been accepting urs...aite!!

Ok...enuf...11.26 PM...dozing off soon..or i'll be late for class again...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
~ 10:17 AM ~
I'm lyke totally pissed off wif him. He is always saying bad things bout my family lyke as if his family is an example of a harmonious one. Okla..i do admit dat his family has like tons of saving but dat does not mean that mine doesn't...

I noe d fact dat ya his dad has lyke a thousands of dollars in the account. But its no use having such an amount if he is lyke so damn stingy ar!!

It all started when i told him dat my mum wanted to lend $200....well, as her daughter i dun mind..but he lykes to look down on my family saying dat my family does not have any savings!! What ****!!!!!

Hey...we noe how to plan stuff ok...at least we're not stingy!! We gif money to those who needs it...ok cut it out!! I'm not trying to praise my own family or what..but hey dis is d fact...he even have to beg for money from his dad to continue EDUCATION!!!! now..look who's d stingy one...

Actualy i hav no intention of criticizing anyone or anybody...but jz can't take it anymore..when he keeps on making my family as a bad example and his as d good one...!!!!

ARGH!!! My own GUY CRITICIZING my FAMILY!!! I'm not gonna let dis go jz lyke dat!!

I'll make him pay for what he say.....


Sunday, November 27, 2005
~ 9:48 PM ~
Ah.....I'm Full....Stomach Bloated, Eyes half-shut, Brain Shutting down....
Dozing off soon...

Juz now had d most "sumptuos meal"...hahahaha (*wink*)
I guess so...
Let's see...

~Seafood Fried Rice Wif NO FLAVOUR!
~Black Pepper Prawns dat looks lyke PRAWNS SWIMMING IN KETCHUP!!
~Kailan Beef with only 10 SLICE OF BEEF--->$10

Hmm...guess dats d most sumptuous meal i had....tink so..hehe :)

Ok cut it out......

Todae syam, tot of goin to club...well, his fren changed his mind so he's not able to go..hahaha
Screw him!!
He's doin thing that is obviously what i hated most...STUPONG!!!

His being SO unfair to me...well he is unfair....SOMETIMES....

I'm not sure if he really love me or is he juz fooling wif me..i hope not...
Cos if he intends to do so...i'm gonna stuck his ass wif SULA!!!

Ok..guess dats it...



Lil Bout Me

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~ Taurus
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If I were in pain
Would you notice I don't act the same
If I cry
Would you notice me or just walk by
If I bleed
Would you start to see the life I lead
If I walked away and you turned around
Would you notice me nowhere to be found
If I were upset
Would you regret anything you said to me
I know life isn't always fair
But if I walked away would you notice me
NOT There
Would you just walk away?
With nothing to say?
Would it matter I was gone?

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